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 The following represents a guideline in the event of any possible misunderstanding and is not contractually binding until an agreement has been entered into and due consideration paid.

However, we have rented our apartments for more that 10 years to people from all over the world, from LA to Sydney and from Moscow to Madrid and Ireland too! and thus far we have never had any necessity to invoke any such terms and conditions!

1. All bookings must be confirmed in writing preferably by e-mail and be specific as to dates, times and cost of the rental, together with names, number of guests, addresses and contact details of the renting party.

2. All bookings must be followed by a 50% deposit within 1 week of the booking or earlier if appropriate of the total agreed cost of the rental, to be paid by bank transfer only. Furthermore an agreed security deposit together with the 50% balance of the rental must be paid by bank transfer a minimum of 6 weeks before the date of the rental. If the booking is accepted 6 weeks or less from the agreed rental period the entire rental amount will become due together with the agreed security deposit.

3. Cancellations will be accepted in writing only, including e-mail. If the notice of the cancellation is received 90 days before the agreed date of rental there will be a 30% cancellation charge. Such charge will be a percentage of the total rental agreement and does not include the security deposit, and the 90 days will be calculated based on the 1stday of the agreed rental period.

If the notice of the cancellation is received between 60 and 89 days this will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

If notice of the cancellation is received 59 days or less from the 1st day of the agreed rental period a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

4. Security Deposit  The amount of same may vary depending on a number of factors such as the length of stay and number of guests. However generally it will be not exceed 50% of the amount of the full rental agreement. Such security deposit will be used to offset any breakages, damage to any and all furnishings, charges such as telephone, movie channels where applicable, loss of keys or the locking of keys into the apartment requiring any intervention and consumables if applicable and any extra departure cleaning that may be required. Furthermore, there will be a minimum administration charge of 30, 00 euro for any phone usage. Such deposit will be reimbursed by bank transfer or cheque where appropriate to the renter within a reasonable period of time after the date of departure or where applicable after receipt of any invoices such as telephone, movie channels etc.

5. All of the apartments are in secure buildings and safe areas but we cannot be held responsible for the renters own negligence resulting in loss of or damage to the renters or guests personal property. We do advise all of our guests to ensure that they have adequate travel insurance in place prior to their arrival and to take all necessary and sensible precautions.

6. Supplemental charge  In the event that the number of guests exceed the agreed number there will be an extra charge of 150,00 per person, but under no circumstances can the number of guests exceed the appropriate number for the type of property in question.

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